Glitter, scissors, paper tubes…PAR-TAY! BYOGG

Hey, everybody! I have this dilemma. My friends get nervous whenever they don’t see an updated status on Facebook. They wonder just where I am and if I am okay.  I delightfully begin sharing my favorite pins on my FB page at 3:45 in the morning. I can’t help it! So, sue me!

Did I mention I’m a night owl?!! Oh and you should definitely search: diy owls on Pinterest!

“Totally fun! They have blue ones and green ones with hearts and the shiny gold kind…and…and…” This is the point my besties look at me like I’m a demented animal foaming at the mouth or the Squirrel in Hoodwinked. By the way, great movie!!!!!!!!!! Netflix!

So, to all those fellow DIYers…This one is for you!

And remember: BYOGG!

“BYOGG? Huh?”

Bring Your Own Glue Gun! (Sheesh, do I have to spell everything out???)

Don’t be a hater.




Ethel! You won’t believe this, but…

All I needed was a henna rinse and a skinny figure for today to be pegged for Lucy Ricardo. I’m telling you no lie! Honest. Scout’s honor. The day started like any other: sort through old papers, take care of the pups, eat breakfast.

While I was cleaning out my mail, a sample caught my eye. It was for a skin moisturizer. Ooooo, beauty products! Just what every lady needs. I had taken care to make sure my face was clean and tore that little packet open. Read the directions. Hmmm, apply as needed. Goes on smoothly and is clear. Perfect!

Checked the bathroom mirror…looked good and my skin felt wonderful. And scooted out the door to buy dog food, fill prescriptions, etc. Somehow, while running errands, my face became ever so colorful. No, we aren’t talking about a sunburn or a tan.

Ethel, the edges around my mouth and above my upper lip…well, umm.   I looked as though I had turned a can of Chef Boyardee upside down  and licked around the inside of the can! Nice reddish orange stain in that area of my face.

Mind you, I had absolutely no idea about my loveliness until I returned home. I knew I got strange looks, but chalked it to people being rude. Errands meant being seen at a farming store, Walgreen’s, the local grocery store and getting gasoline at the Chevron Station. Thank goodness I am not a celebrity! Imagine pics on the tabloids.

I had to scrub for 20 mins to finally get the darn stuff off! As Lucy Ricardo would say, “just soaking up some local color.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Bored Games

“Picture it, Cicely 1929…”—-Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls. That’s how Sophia would start telling a tale about the past. The year would change depending on the story. I remember in one episode she walking talking about playing in her childhood. ” We were happy having a stick and a rock. We were happy with just a stick!!!”

In Back to the Future II, Marty visits Cafe 80’s. He hears a familiar sound and turns to see 2 future boys looking at an old video game: Wild Gunman. Marty joins them. He picks up the gun (controller) and shows them how the game is played

“”You mean you have to use your hands???”- the first kid.

” That’s like a baby’s toy!”-the second kid.

They shake their heads and walk away.

Oddly enough, the year in Back to the Future II and in present day is  2015. And while October 21 (as in the movie) is several months away many young adults share same viewpoint: any game without a handheld screen (is: smartphone, tablet, etc) is lame.


Source: game coloring page

Board games?? Oh, you mean B-O-R-E-D games! No thanks!” And yes, I did witness this. Crazy, right???? If you grew up in the 1970’s, our childhood rocked! From Chutes and Ladders to Mouse Trap to The Game of Life it was awesome. Parcheesi, anyone? Trivial Pursuit??

Even Scrabble got a revamp. Ever hear of Words with Friends???? And yes, Words with Friends has a board game version, too. We have it on the same shelf collecting dust with the rest of the board games. 11 in total!

Yeah, I know all the games I mentioned still exist…the point is and I have a point. It is way too easy to pick up a tablet and play Candy Crush than to grab your family/friends and play an old fashioned board game using a pair of dice. You know… those cubes with a bunch of dots on them???!!!

It was always considered lucky to get snake eyes (double ones) unless… you land in between the (unowned properties) park avenue and boardwalk…Property tax will cost you every time!

We live in 2015 where technology is available everywhere! At least, if there is free WiFi. I commented to my kid about taking out the trash and bringing in the groceries from the car. He headed out to put the trashcan at the street and was watching YouTube on his phone. He brought in 2 sacks of groceries, yet still glued to YouTube-learning “saves” for Grand Theft Auto game. At this rate, babies of the distant future might be born with WiFi in their DNA. J/k

I’m not knocking technology as a whole. And granted online games like Candy Crush involve concentration and problem solving skills…stage 200 took me 4 months..oooops!!!! Um, yeah…I guess what I am trying to say is…everybody needs to take a break now and then from their phones, tablets, etc and not just while you sleep!

I have an idea. I challenge individuals to stop using their device or devices at least once daily for the next 3 days. In that time period, play an old fashioned board game.  Then post what games you played and your experiences. I will do the same. It might just be the perfect vacation we all need!

See you on the flipside!

Can’t Keep From Grinning

Last Sunday during preaching, everybody was asked to turn in the hymnals to page 410 and sing “Marching to Zion.” That song instantly sends me back to my childhood. A day hotter than asphalt in Georgia… a little country church..sitting on a crowded pew with my little shiny black patent shoes dangling freely. Women in dressy hats… waving paper fans to try to keep their makeup from running from the stale air. My mama at the piano giving the ivory keys a run for their money. She is told she must slow the notes down a piece. As if to say, hymns are only heard by the Good Lord when the music is slowed to a crawl.

However, I am not trying to be disrespectful. Just remembering my mama’s raised eyebrows and quizzical look when she was instructed to play the “Zion” song. Oh the memories I relive, even as I write this entry. My daddy on the end of the pew and my granddaddy on the other end. And me and my baby brother sandwiched in between. The music would start and I would stretch my neck to catch my granddaddy’s  3 sisters singing. They had their favorite row up near the front and always sat together whenever they could. They were married, of course. Husbands: all deacons and took up the collection.

Now where was I?? Oh yes. The Zion Song. My 3 great aunts would sing loudly and slur their words…kinda chewing on each syllable. They had good voices and could carry a tune without much help. Other hymns were no problem at all, non-slurring. It was on this “marching” one that seemed to get a chuckle out of me every time.

After the service was over, the kids would run out and stretch their legs. Within a few minutes, we were called downstairs for “good eating” with every table brimming with food from fried chicken to chocolate cake. Most of  the time our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. No one seemed to mind. Families would catch up with each other and then pile up in their cars for the long drive home.

More than 40 years have come and gone. The church still remains and holds services every Sunday. A new church is being built to accommodate the ever expanding growth of the congregation. Every year we try to make it to Brushey Creek to Homecoming. Only a few of the original family members attend. The memories bring me back to a wonderful time that I will cherish forever in my heart!.

First Kid

Today on the Hallmark Channel featured the movie “First Daughter” starring Katie Holmes (Samantha MacKenzie/Daughter to the President) and Michael Keaton (President). Though an old movie (2004)..I had never watched it in previous times. But being a good time as any, I curled up on the couch with my refreshments: a can of Pringles and a cold Pepsi. Besides anyone who says you CAN watch a movie without a snack to devour and a beverage to wash it down is “abnormal” in my book. (Unless it’s medically impossible) I digress.


So the movie didn’t disappoint. Basically, it is a small look at a high profile life with spectators at every whim and security detail surrounding her every move. Samantha was permitted to go and live in a dorm at college…provided a few of the Secret Service could tag along for safety measures. Unbeknownst to her, she befriends a fellow college student (actor Mark Blucas) who just happens to be an undercover Secret Service Agent. I won’t ruin the ending. I was surprised the movie received low marks by critics. I liked it and rarely do I ever side with movie reviews anyway. Just saying…

A much older film (1996) “First Kid” starring Brock Pierce (Luke Davenport/son of the President) and Sinbad (Secret Service Agent Sam Simms) is one I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a comical family movie which takes its viewers on a ride of silly antics of a bored brat. Luke continually tries to ditch his Secret Service detail. When his first detail Agent Woods (actor Timothy Busfield) is fed up and quits, Agent Simms is assigned to protect the President’s son. A wonderful movie with an important message about trust.

In real life, aka R-E-A-L-I-T-Y, all children must have boundaries to some extent. You have seen children running amuck and their parents/caregivers oblivious to the shrieks of carts screeching and kids screaming with reckless abandon. I am somewhat paralyzed with fear for the elderly shoppers in Walmart…afraid they will get knocked down and break bones. Where are the parents/caregivers???? Texting on their cellphones, joking around in the make-up aisle (it’s important to look one’s best, right???), or putzing around in the parking lot. You know what I mean. You’ve witnessed it, haven’t you?

Too many parents/caregivers would much rather be “best friends” to their children than teach their children to respect others and respect themselves. And society wonders why there are so many criminals and problems in this world. Children must have good role models to follow and it should begin at home. Period!

Parenting And believe me, I SMILE when I see young children hold open the door for others and say “please” and “thank you” joyfully. I make it a point to tell the parent/caregiver I appreciate seeing manners. “You’ve taught him/her/them well! Keep up the great work!” I noticed a young mother continuing to tell her little girl “no” after repeated begging for yogurt. She stayed calm as her daughter broke into tears. I walked up to her and smiled, “You are doing an amazing job, Mom! Keep up the good work!” She dabbed the sweat from her brow. “Thanks! I’ve never gotten a compliment on my parenting before. I want to train her up right. I realize I have just begun teaching Monique. She is 2 1/2, but she’s not too young to learn from instruction.”


A few days ago I witnessed a father showing his son how to open doors for people. “Now, Jake. Open the door and hold it. Make sure you stand back, so this lady won’t trip over your shoes! Great job!” His son beamed with pride! “I did it, Dad! I held it just like you!” His father gave him a high five.

You know excellent parenting when you see it. And when you see the fruits of their labor paying off, don’t be shy to congratulate them! Tell them so! Remember children will learn from their role models, good or bad. Make time daily to spend with them and get to know their interests. Be informed and don’t be afraid to set boundaries. They will thank you one day! Of that, I am sure!


Have a blessed Sunday!

A Spoonful of…Medicine

dr patient Nobody likes to get sick and visit the doctor. Chances are, that you will leave with a prescription scrawled in illegible handwriting…the kind where only the pharmacist can decifer. Will it cost you big bucks?

The pharmaceutical companies are booming with medical breakthroughs. Researchers are finding ways to treat diseases that have caused stumbling blocks in years past. These medicines can often come at a hefty price and insurances refuse to absorb the costs in most cases. What is a patient to do?


80+ years ago: Medicine options were not readily available for illnesses and diseases. When a person was sick, a poultice or homemade remedy was relied upon. My father said when he had a sore throat that his grandmother would make a paste using lard to put on his chest. Then add a handkerchief with asafoetida to hang around his neck. Asafoetida is the resin or sap from a plant. My father said it had a very stinky quality to help rid the body of infection. I guess the odor scared the nasty germs away.

Fast forward: In today’s world I have been witness to illnesses we can control. Kids, young and old, are hurting…not from fever…but from bad medicine. It is the kind that strips away their self-esteems and taunts them from dreaming. What bad medicine is this I refer to? The Spoken Word. Every time a person speaks: the tongue has the ability to lift or destroy, to ignite or to crush, to prosper…to give hope…to show joy.

Next time you are near a child, just listen. Listen to what she or he has to say. If you have been the culprit of being critical, the good news is that Change is Possible. I have been there and while the change may not be overnight, it can and will happen if you work at it. LOVE is always the best medicine!