#lifers: More Than a Pink Ribbon

You’ve seen Pink Ribbon designs on all types of merchandise. “Cute and dainty” as described by a customer. The fact remains: Breast Cancer is not “Cute and dainty”, but cruel and non-discriminating. And if you have had a close relative: mom, sister,grandmother who has been diagnosed, your risk increases. My maternal grandmother had breast cancer and a mastectomy. Through treatment, she beat the type of breast cancer she had. But years later, she was diagnosed with lung cancer that ultimately spread to her bones and took her life. Note: There are different types of breast cancer.

Several of my friends have been diagnosed and re-diagnosed. It is a never-ending cycle for many. Another relative was recently diagnosed and begins her treatment soon. So close to home…

The following video is my wake-up call. I’ve never had a mammogram, but come Monday morning I will call to schedule mine. A friend had shared the video on her page via Facebook. Get educated. Spread the word! I do not know Holley, but I applaud her for making this important and informative video. Remember those who lost their battle, the patients, the survivors, and families. Always praying for a CURE!


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