About the Writer

Painted by moi!

Painted by moi!

Just call me, Lucy! A SuperMom able to cook like Wolfgang Puck and build furniture like Ana White. Who am I kidding???? No, but avid fans of them both!

A SuperMom with an invisible cape and sagging leotards (will save that story for another day) that is capable of laughing at life’s blunders! Yes, sometimes life isn’t pretty, but we make do. We learn gratitude is a wonderful reward, especially when we find 3 sticky pennies on the floorboard…as we pay for our 2 vanilla milkshakes! “Sorry for our cruddy change!” (You know you are guilty of it.)

We don’t always see eye to eye in discussions. My kid knows consequences for overstepping boundaries, but understands LOVE is at the root of our Home! We do our best to keep Christ centered in our hearts every day!

If you have any questions, just ask Ethel! She is the one who always keeps me in check with life’s goodness!


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