When Life Pulls You Down, LOOK UP

I had not intended on writing a serious piece for today. But upon viewing a video, my heart knew that I should address how faith keeps one afloat…when life hands you devastating news.

Two decades ago my mom went to her doctor’s appointment. She had been complaining of feeling bloated, having massive pain in her abdomen, and suffering from excruciating bouts of bowel trouble. The doctor did some tests a week earlier and revealed his findings. “We are 99 percent sure you have colon cancer, stage 4 and your chance of survival is almost nil.”

Cancer was prevalent in her family. Her mom died from lung and bone cancer. The films revealed a golf ball size tumor. Mom felt cheated and succumbed to her fears. Our family was prepared for what would likely come in future treatments. Surgery was scheduled to remove the mass, before any schedule was made for chemo or radiation. They would send the mass to be biopsied.

It was during this time we asked for prayers for my mom and our family. The statistics weren’t favorable, but our faith in Christ did not waiver. We put our trust in Him that whatever the outcome that He would carry us. We prayed the mass was not cancerous and it would be benign.

The day of surgery was long. We sat in a waiting room for updates. It was frustrating, because there were  hardly any updates…only two. Mom was back in her room, sedated, but in great pain. Drainage tubes put in. The surgeon came and spoke with us about the partial removal of her intestine, due to having an overage of intestinal length.  He stated the removal would help with motility.

My dad asked about the mass and had it been cancer like they believed. The surgeon shook his head in disbelief. “The golf ball size mass is gone! We couldn’t find it. It vanished. We have no way to explain it.”

We do. MIRACLE! God healed my mom! 

She fully recovered and is alive today and remains Cancer-free! We continue to thank Him for giving for unfailing grace! Our faith has never waned and we know MIRACLES happen everyday. You just have to look for them!


This is the video that inspired my post. Grab a kleenex!

Clinging to Hope


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