Fantasy or Reality: You be the judge! I dare you!

The days and nights are long. Laundry on the floor, dust bunnies in every corner, barking dogs, grease drips in the oven, mountains of books and paper…

Where at my house does it say “A Spa Retreat” in a French Provencial  font? Because last time I checked, I don’t own  a plush terry robe with monogrammed slippers, no masseuse, chef and a mini fridge…filled to the brim with decadent goodies!

Apparently some of my friends and acquaintances believe being a stay at home mom is quite the luxury. “Can’t you just turn on the tv and plop your kid in front of it, then take a nap? Girl, I would!” Yeah, I could have when Dechland was younger, but I decided to be responsible.

I, especially, love how those that work outside the home feel I should pity them. “Think of me. Here I am…in a cubicle. Confined. Cute, but confined.” The only visual I come up with is a koala at the zoo. You cannot tell me koalas aren’t cute! They are!!!!! And they are confined. This is what I have to work with. I have Mommy on the brain! Deal with it!

The weeds still need tending to and there is no gas in the mower. The dogs must be fed and Dechland’s report has to be printed. No ink in our 3 in 1 plastic garbage scanner printer thingie. $37.99 for ink??? Are you kidding me? Bills to be paid and I’m too cheap to go get a spray tan. I use a bronzer and end up with a clay mud color on the heels of my hands. Forgot to use disposable gloves. Meanwhile, others frolic at the beach or lay poolside with water that is deeper than 9 inches.

I do find small moments to unwind. Put on a favorite cd…I love Michael Buble and Josh Groban. They are two of my all time favorites. And curl up on the couch and catch up on my reading. I usually try to read a few times a week: for pleasure. I sneak in “Me” time, right after I start the dishwasher and load the last batch of wet clothes into the dryer. The buzz on the dryer tells me I have 12 minutes to finish reading whatever chapter I’m in…before the clothes wrinkle.

We no longer own a regular iron; no thanks to sk8rgirl who chewed through the wires. Thankfully she was fine, even though our appliance didn’t fair well. A complete bust! We discovered the frayed wires while getting ready for church. (You learn to improvise real quick in our household!) Dechland’s khakis were super wrinkled, because I fell asleep and didn’t hear the buzzer go off the night before! I grabbed my flat iron and turned it on high! Within in 5 minutes, the khakis were pressed! (Not bad! Kudos to moi!)

After church, we grab food from McD’s and scarf it down! Grocery shopping is next…the week begins again. My life is hectic, i admit. But I’d never want it any other way.


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