There in society you will find persons preying on others. Perhaps it is bullying in a neighborhood school or senseless violence at the hands of a family member. Regardless there is always someone trying to profit from another’s misfortune. News spreads like wildfire on social media. It doesn’t matter if the story is creditworthy or a hoax. Someone will ultimately share it to their world and it begins with a single share. Just one. Then add a few more people sharing, then others, and more and more. Kaboom! The tiny story is viral. I get totally disgusted with the amount of others posting pictures of abused animals, children, burned victims and so forth.. I am not talking about prayer requests or news stories from reputable sources. I sometimes ask how do they know about the situation. “Was it your pet?” or  “The girl, is she related to you?” More often than not, I get the same ole line…”No, I just find it interesting.” There are some incredibly SICK individuals who love to post  pictures on Facebook with the tagline: LIKE and SHARE to show this little child we won’t stand for bullying. LIKE and SHARE to put an end to animal abuse. LIKE and SHARE to show support for this soldier, this crime victim, this sick child, this, this, this…the list never ends. But they never share   have any information about the subject of the photos. Not one word. Granted I have sympathy for those people and animals in the pictures. Yes, they have all been hurt or have diseases or birth defects, etc. Yes, it is tragic and sad. But to click and do as these lowlifes ask…it only builds them up with a “hero’s ego” I suppose. Every time you LIKE and SHARE, you add fuel to the raging fire. It takes a single match or a single spark to ravage an entire forest. It takes but one person sharing to ignite the world to senseless chaos. Be the one to say NO. Be the one to douse the flames!


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