Glitter, scissors, paper tubes…PAR-TAY! BYOGG

Hey, everybody! I have this dilemma. My friends get nervous whenever they don’t see an updated status on Facebook. They wonder just where I am and if I am okay.  I delightfully begin sharing my favorite pins on my FB page at 3:45 in the morning. I can’t help it! So, sue me!

Did I mention I’m a night owl?!! Oh and you should definitely search: diy owls on Pinterest!

“Totally fun! They have blue ones and green ones with hearts and the shiny gold kind…and…and…” This is the point my besties look at me like I’m a demented animal foaming at the mouth or the Squirrel in Hoodwinked. By the way, great movie!!!!!!!!!! Netflix!

So, to all those fellow DIYers…This one is for you!

And remember: BYOGG!

“BYOGG? Huh?”

Bring Your Own Glue Gun! (Sheesh, do I have to spell everything out???)

Don’t be a hater.




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