Ethel! You won’t believe this, but…

All I needed was a henna rinse and a skinny figure for today to be pegged for Lucy Ricardo. I’m telling you no lie! Honest. Scout’s honor. The day started like any other: sort through old papers, take care of the pups, eat breakfast.

While I was cleaning out my mail, a sample caught my eye. It was for a skin moisturizer. Ooooo, beauty products! Just what every lady needs. I had taken care to make sure my face was clean and tore that little packet open. Read the directions. Hmmm, apply as needed. Goes on smoothly and is clear. Perfect!

Checked the bathroom mirror…looked good and my skin felt wonderful. And scooted out the door to buy dog food, fill prescriptions, etc. Somehow, while running errands, my face became ever so colorful. No, we aren’t talking about a sunburn or a tan.

Ethel, the edges around my mouth and above my upper lip…well, umm.   I looked as though I had turned a can of Chef Boyardee upside down  and licked around the inside of the can! Nice reddish orange stain in that area of my face.

Mind you, I had absolutely no idea about my loveliness until I returned home. I knew I got strange looks, but chalked it to people being rude. Errands meant being seen at a farming store, Walgreen’s, the local grocery store and getting gasoline at the Chevron Station. Thank goodness I am not a celebrity! Imagine pics on the tabloids.

I had to scrub for 20 mins to finally get the darn stuff off! As Lucy Ricardo would say, “just soaking up some local color.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


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