Bored Games

“Picture it, Cicely 1929…”—-Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls. That’s how Sophia would start telling a tale about the past. The year would change depending on the story. I remember in one episode she walking talking about playing in her childhood. ” We were happy having a stick and a rock. We were happy with just a stick!!!”

In Back to the Future II, Marty visits Cafe 80’s. He hears a familiar sound and turns to see 2 future boys looking at an old video game: Wild Gunman. Marty joins them. He picks up the gun (controller) and shows them how the game is played

“”You mean you have to use your hands???”- the first kid.

” That’s like a baby’s toy!”-the second kid.

They shake their heads and walk away.

Oddly enough, the year in Back to the Future II and in present day is  2015. And while October 21 (as in the movie) is several months away many young adults share same viewpoint: any game without a handheld screen (is: smartphone, tablet, etc) is lame.


Source: game coloring page

Board games?? Oh, you mean B-O-R-E-D games! No thanks!” And yes, I did witness this. Crazy, right???? If you grew up in the 1970’s, our childhood rocked! From Chutes and Ladders to Mouse Trap to The Game of Life it was awesome. Parcheesi, anyone? Trivial Pursuit??

Even Scrabble got a revamp. Ever hear of Words with Friends???? And yes, Words with Friends has a board game version, too. We have it on the same shelf collecting dust with the rest of the board games. 11 in total!

Yeah, I know all the games I mentioned still exist…the point is and I have a point. It is way too easy to pick up a tablet and play Candy Crush than to grab your family/friends and play an old fashioned board game using a pair of dice. You know… those cubes with a bunch of dots on them???!!!

It was always considered lucky to get snake eyes (double ones) unless… you land in between the (unowned properties) park avenue and boardwalk…Property tax will cost you every time!

We live in 2015 where technology is available everywhere! At least, if there is free WiFi. I commented to my kid about taking out the trash and bringing in the groceries from the car. He headed out to put the trashcan at the street and was watching YouTube on his phone. He brought in 2 sacks of groceries, yet still glued to YouTube-learning “saves” for Grand Theft Auto game. At this rate, babies of the distant future might be born with WiFi in their DNA. J/k

I’m not knocking technology as a whole. And granted online games like Candy Crush involve concentration and problem solving skills…stage 200 took me 4 months..oooops!!!! Um, yeah…I guess what I am trying to say is…everybody needs to take a break now and then from their phones, tablets, etc and not just while you sleep!

I have an idea. I challenge individuals to stop using their device or devices at least once daily for the next 3 days. In that time period, play an old fashioned board game.  Then post what games you played and your experiences. I will do the same. It might just be the perfect vacation we all need!

See you on the flipside!


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