A Spoonful of…Medicine

dr patient Nobody likes to get sick and visit the doctor. Chances are, that you will leave with a prescription scrawled in illegible handwriting…the kind where only the pharmacist can decifer. Will it cost you big bucks?

The pharmaceutical companies are booming with medical breakthroughs. Researchers are finding ways to treat diseases that have caused stumbling blocks in years past. These medicines can often come at a hefty price and insurances refuse to absorb the costs in most cases. What is a patient to do?


80+ years ago: Medicine options were not readily available for illnesses and diseases. When a person was sick, a poultice or homemade remedy was relied upon. My father said when he had a sore throat that his grandmother would make a paste using lard to put on his chest. Then add a handkerchief with asafoetida to hang around his neck. Asafoetida is the resin or sap from a plant. My father said it had a very stinky quality to help rid the body of infection. I guess the odor scared the nasty germs away.

Fast forward: In today’s world I have been witness to illnesses we can control. Kids, young and old, are hurting…not from fever…but from bad medicine. It is the kind that strips away their self-esteems and taunts them from dreaming. What bad medicine is this I refer to? The Spoken Word. Every time a person speaks: the tongue has the ability to lift or destroy, to ignite or to crush, to prosper…to give hope…to show joy.

Next time you are near a child, just listen. Listen to what she or he has to say. If you have been the culprit of being critical, the good news is that Change is Possible. I have been there and while the change may not be overnight, it can and will happen if you work at it. LOVE is always the best medicine!



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