Chores of the Childless

I just had to share this page! Wanna know what Mommyhood is all about? Read on! Hilarious!

The Waiting

I have heard it said before that having a baby changes everything. I knew this was true when I found myself incredibly grateful to be able to sleep in until 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Pre-parent me would have died a little inside if someone had told her that there would come a day when she would view a 7 a.m. wake-up call or an unaccompanied trip to Target as major things to look forward to, but three years of parenthood does strange, awful things to our psyches.

Much like war.

We even start to miss some of the household chores we did before we spawned, surely a sign that we’re more foregone than we thought. Right now, if given the choice between mopping my kitchen floor without my three-year-old’s “help” and going to the spa, I’d choose the mop. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Join me as I…

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Review: PinchMe Freebie Box

For starters, I am not affiliates with any product. But I believe if you have tried a new product, I.e. are a teensy bit obliged to give your opinion. There now, that was easy.

I really do like this service. PinchMe has a list of questions for you to answer, but does not make you jump through hoops and click a bunch of stupid links only to feel disgusted. The service has several products of which you select 3. Some samples may be regular size, while others may be a tiny tube. Regardless, the samples are sent free of cost-no shipping, plus PunchMe doesn’t give out your info to third party advertising…which totally rocks in my book!

I am still fighting spam from another site. Still getting ads for erectile dysfunction, etc. Um, yeah…I am NOT a dude! So be careful where you give your info out. Just sayin’!!

Delighted as could be when my last sample box arrived. I received a regular size of Kraft’s Seasoned Grated Parmesan Cheese. Oh my goodness! Can we say DELISH???!! Plus, I received a coupon for 75 cents off my next purchase!!! Woo woo!

Excellent addition to Baked Potato, Salad, Chicken, and Spaghetti, of course!

Excellent addition to Baked Potato, Salad, Chicken, and Spaghetti, of course!

Another product I totally fell in love with is Oil of Olay’s Strawberry and Mint Body Wash! The fragrance is wonderful and has a silky feel on the skin! Totally refreshing! And I received another 75 cents off coupon!

StrawberryMint_BodyWash_1_1079x1079  I was sent a 3 ounce bottle!

After you try your freebies, jump back on PinchMe website and give a review. Be honest. Around the 15th of each month, there will be a new group of freebies to try. My advice is not to wait until the last minute to select your choices. They run out fairly quick. I missed last month’s selection.

My sistah Savanna aka Sassy Sunshine is how shall we say “height challenged” and is cute as a button. I often tell her that maybe, someday, someone will invent “Munchkin Miracle grow” and I will have them send her a sample! She just stares at me not amused, then in true form she utters, “Well, at least no kid…like EVER, gave me a brown crayon to cover up my gray hair!” She proceeds to cackle out loud. (The crayon thing: yeah, it happened.) Get over it, quit smiling! Lol

So when you get a chance, check out PinchMe Freebies! You’ll be glad you did!

Barbie, You’ve Got the Look!

Tiny plastic high heel shoes, mini handbags complete with hairbrushes and mirrors, and all those little outfits! It was enough to make any gal squeal with delight! I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful grandfather who surprised me with a gift. A friend he knew made several outfits for my Barbie dolls! My absolute favorite was a pink and white plaid long sleeve floor length dress! I dare say I had the best dressed gal of all time!

My childhood did include several dolls, not just one. The first one was Malibu Barbie, but she didn’t fair so well when I left her outside and our dachshund Rex took a liking to her and chewed her feet off and severed one leg. Due to my creativity early on, I introduced Malibu Barbie as a survivor of a shark attack in California.

“Oh, gosh! I barely escaped that big ole shark with sharp teeth. Ken saved me!”

Ballerina Barbie twirled. “It’s good he saved you!”

Malibu Skipper hugged her big sister, Malibu Barbie. “Glad you can still walk!”

If you aren’t familiar with Barbie’s feet, they are designed to fit the tiny shoes. Since her feet were chewed off and one leg severed, I put her in casts. Pocket size klennex and scotch tape did the trick, but if water splashed up on her at pool side…they had to be replaced. So one afternoon, I snuck into my Mama’s first aid kit and eyed the answer to Barbie’s cast problems.

“Once it’s stuck, it’s stuck!”

There was a problem though. The first aid tape’s adhesive was incredibly strong. My first attempt to wrap one leg had ripples in it. Since Barbie liked to look her best, I tried to take the rippled tape off and nearly slam tore off her entire leg! So, I took Mama’s sewing kit and wrapped rickrack around her cast and tied it in a bow. I carefully took my time as a wrapped her other leg with tape then rickrack. Perfect!

Here in present day Barbie dolls have evolved into new styles and shapes, accessories and playsets. Outfits are sold separately from $4.99 and up. My mind spins whenever I visit the  Barbie aisle at Toys R Us! I admit I am a little jealous of the multitude of items.

And if that Barbie link gets your mind spinning, then you hafta watch this video I stumbled onto last night. While working on a future blog post, I ran across a new fashion trend.

Playdoh Fashion Ariana Style

Who knows I might have to whip me up some homemade playdough and climb up in the attic for my storage box of Barbies….can’t you see the headline now? Next on Pinterest: Playdoh Fashion…Nailed it!!

Seriously these crafters have way too much time on their hands. Besides how many hours did it take to perfect their skill???

Want to try to create Barbie Fashion? Finds a picture to copy with Playdoh and go! Send me a copy of your artwork to and I will post your creation! Good luck!


There in society you will find persons preying on others. Perhaps it is bullying in a neighborhood school or senseless violence at the hands of a family member. Regardless there is always someone trying to profit from another’s misfortune. News spreads like wildfire on social media. It doesn’t matter if the story is creditworthy or a hoax. Someone will ultimately share it to their world and it begins with a single share. Just one. Then add a few more people sharing, then others, and more and more. Kaboom! The tiny story is viral. I get totally disgusted with the amount of others posting pictures of abused animals, children, burned victims and so forth.. I am not talking about prayer requests or news stories from reputable sources. I sometimes ask how do they know about the situation. “Was it your pet?” or  “The girl, is she related to you?” More often than not, I get the same ole line…”No, I just find it interesting.” There are some incredibly SICK individuals who love to post  pictures on Facebook with the tagline: LIKE and SHARE to show this little child we won’t stand for bullying. LIKE and SHARE to put an end to animal abuse. LIKE and SHARE to show support for this soldier, this crime victim, this sick child, this, this, this…the list never ends. But they never share   have any information about the subject of the photos. Not one word. Granted I have sympathy for those people and animals in the pictures. Yes, they have all been hurt or have diseases or birth defects, etc. Yes, it is tragic and sad. But to click and do as these lowlifes ask…it only builds them up with a “hero’s ego” I suppose. Every time you LIKE and SHARE, you add fuel to the raging fire. It takes a single match or a single spark to ravage an entire forest. It takes but one person sharing to ignite the world to senseless chaos. Be the one to say NO. Be the one to douse the flames!

Glitter, scissors, paper tubes…PAR-TAY! BYOGG

Hey, everybody! I have this dilemma. My friends get nervous whenever they don’t see an updated status on Facebook. They wonder just where I am and if I am okay.  I delightfully begin sharing my favorite pins on my FB page at 3:45 in the morning. I can’t help it! So, sue me!

Did I mention I’m a night owl?!! Oh and you should definitely search: diy owls on Pinterest!

“Totally fun! They have blue ones and green ones with hearts and the shiny gold kind…and…and…” This is the point my besties look at me like I’m a demented animal foaming at the mouth or the Squirrel in Hoodwinked. By the way, great movie!!!!!!!!!! Netflix!

So, to all those fellow DIYers…This one is for you!

And remember: BYOGG!

“BYOGG? Huh?”

Bring Your Own Glue Gun! (Sheesh, do I have to spell everything out???)

Don’t be a hater.



Ethel! You won’t believe this, but…

All I needed was a henna rinse and a skinny figure for today to be pegged for Lucy Ricardo. I’m telling you no lie! Honest. Scout’s honor. The day started like any other: sort through old papers, take care of the pups, eat breakfast.

While I was cleaning out my mail, a sample caught my eye. It was for a skin moisturizer. Ooooo, beauty products! Just what every lady needs. I had taken care to make sure my face was clean and tore that little packet open. Read the directions. Hmmm, apply as needed. Goes on smoothly and is clear. Perfect!

Checked the bathroom mirror…looked good and my skin felt wonderful. And scooted out the door to buy dog food, fill prescriptions, etc. Somehow, while running errands, my face became ever so colorful. No, we aren’t talking about a sunburn or a tan.

Ethel, the edges around my mouth and above my upper lip…well, umm.   I looked as though I had turned a can of Chef Boyardee upside down  and licked around the inside of the can! Nice reddish orange stain in that area of my face.

Mind you, I had absolutely no idea about my loveliness until I returned home. I knew I got strange looks, but chalked it to people being rude. Errands meant being seen at a farming store, Walgreen’s, the local grocery store and getting gasoline at the Chevron Station. Thank goodness I am not a celebrity! Imagine pics on the tabloids.

I had to scrub for 20 mins to finally get the darn stuff off! As Lucy Ricardo would say, “just soaking up some local color.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!