A Topsy Turvy Life

Good Evening…(Envision the voice of Vincent Price) Yes, you have stepped into my little world known as R-E-A-L-I-T-Y. This is not to scare you away by any means. My friends say I have a unique ability to spew Sarcasm effortlessly. They are just jealous…wishing they had a gifted talent such as mine. LOL

Our busyness never slows at our house, except when we are asleep. Busy learning at the kitchen table (Homeschooling), washing machine and dryer always going, dishes in the sink, Grand Theft Auto heard from teen’s bedroom, puppies barking, weed pulling in the front yard, bills and more bills, planning road trips. Once the craziness lulls for the evening…

Pinterest and painting, karaoke and Latin dancing, YouTube, and online gaming! Netflix and HBO On the Go are great to veg by, plus you can use some movies as part of homeschooling. A bonus! Woohoo!

You may ask what this blog is about. Simply stated: a glance into my interests, views, passions, and quotes! In other words…

Welcome to my world!


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